Technology and sustainability are two sides of the same coin and you can't change one without changing the other.
In recent years Milior has invested a lot of time ,energy and capital into improving their technology and allowing them to produce environmentally friendly fabrics. In fact they now have a wide range of fibers that are made from recycled wool, cotton, polyester and polyamide in their collection, and this is exactly how it all began.
Thanks to their ecological and technological changes they were able to develop a series of items for which they were then awarded the GRS brand that certifies that their fabrics come from a percentage of recycled fibers and are produced without the aid of chemical substances.
They were also awarded the RWS brand which certifies where the pure new wool fabric in their collections originate from and assures that it is in fact a pure new wool fabric. Breeding farms that guarantee a high and healthy level of animal care are carefully selected and it is also fundamental that they can provide all relevant documentation regarding any raw materials which are used. In their collections there are also numerous fabrics that are Oeko-Tex certified.
Furthermore since 2019 Milior has also become Higg Index certified which simply certifies the sustainability of the supply chain. They have also been members of the BCI Cotton initiative since 2018.

The BCI cotton initiative is responsible for certifying the production of cotton taking into account some very important sustainability factors such as: protecting all production areas, seizing social and economical opportunities which may arise for all involved in the production sectors.

The Global Recycled Standard is a certification which ensures a high level of sustainability for fabrics that are produced using recycled raw materials for both pre-consumer and post-consumer. This certification allows an organisation to trace their entire production line from beginning to end and is perfectly matched with Milior's philosophy as they have always understood the importance of using recycled raw materials as part of their collection, as well as using recycled fabrics such as elasticated polyester and polyamide. These fabrics have always been in Milior's DNA, they are fabrics which are produced using salvaged and recycled plastics only. Once they have been recycled they are ready to be reworked and used to produce yarn.

The responsible wool standard allows an organisation to certify the origin of their pure wool fabrics. The entire production cycle must be traced and this process starts by evaluating the origin of the raw material itself. RWS specifically looks at where the material came from, evaluating and guaranteeing that any wool produced under this standard must come from a sustainable rearing farm that looks after the welfare of their animals and they also look into the environment in which they are actually reared. It also evaluates the economical and social conditions of the breeders themselves.

Our fabrics are certified and tested under the OEKO TEX standard and hence correspond and respect the legal regulations emplaced regarding both ecological and production processes and of course sustainability.

The GOTS certification encourages and accredits the use of organic products to create fabrics. All production phases are traced, checked and monitored throughout in order to ensure that the environmental impact and the use of chemical substances is reduced as much as possible.

The FSC certifies and promotes the use of raw materials which come from sustainable timber. This means that these forests are constantly monitored and updated in order to produce sustainable timber, without irreversibly damaging our planet any further.

Milior has been a member of the HIGG Index since 2019. The HIGG Index is a suite of tools which allows Milior as a whole to be evaluated regarding social impact, environmental factors concerning their supply chain and their overall performance in terms of sustainability. The HIGG Facility Environmental Module (FEM) form evaluates the environmental management system, the use of energy and water, the level of emissions, how water waste is treated, the management of their waste as a whole and their use and management of chemical substances. These tools also allow Milior to quantify their hydro drainage throughout their entire business which may also be applied to all production areas within their supply chain. Applying the Higg Index throughout their value chain, Milior is provided with an extensive level of sustainability regarding their fabrics as they are able to manage the levels of sustainability during each and every stage.

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