Nei Nostri Panni – Cenciaioli si diventa

Milior is proud to take part as a supporter to the project Nei nostri panni – cenciaioli si diventa, an experimental project of working inclusion.


The aim of the project is creating a system of education and working integration through new job opportunities in Prato’s textile district. Not only to learn and find a job but also to be part of a community. 

This March 5 people have been selected and the six months internship have started. 


Our choice to become supporters

“Because the cenciaiolo job is slowing disappearing, it is so important to invest in education, not only to preserve this job but also to give new opportunities of inclusion to people”


Nei nostri panni is promoter and organized by: 

Opera Santa Rita Foundation

Rifo Srl


Immigration office of Prato Government

Fil Srl – Employment Center Prato

Consorzio ASTRI

Cardato Riciclato Pratese

CID – Consorzio DETOX


The others supporters are:

Filpucci Spa

Beste Spa

M e A di Alessandro Sanesi & C S.a.s

Mario Bellucci Spa


The beneficiaries are:

Nuova Fratelli Boretti Srl

Gori Alberto Materie Prime Tessili Snc

Tre G Srl

Paolieri Renato E Figlio Srl

Ma.Bi Srl