ESSENTIAL is a collection of natural fabrics made with non-dyed fibers.

We meticulously select on an ongoing basis, fibers that have their own inherent color in nature, choosing not to use chemical dyes, limiting impacts on planet’s resources.

Our wool fiber comes from the highlands of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Tibet. Hemp and linen, on the other hand, comes from highly organic cultivation. Because the final natural color of the fabrics depends on the blend, we invested early on in our artisans
of the raw material department, in order to manage to devise new colors just by mixing different fibers
and shades, to get accurate recipes of no-dye natural colors that are archived and can be reproduced over time.

With our experience in choosing raw materials to make the best blends, we manage to reduce finishing
steps to a minimum in order to still offer “Essential” fabrics very soft and comfortable to touch.

Nature is varied and amazing, that’s why you will have the option to choose from a very wide range
of fabrics with undyed colors in order to get natural, unique and rare shade of your garments.

We are expanding the Essential fabrics collection with other noble materials.
Make a sustainable choice, give value to a raw material with high quality, rareness and durability.