Milior's whole production cycle is 100% Artisan and Italian.
More specifically this means that all their fabrics are produced within the Prato district using only their trusted partners who are artisan experts and extremely highly qualified. We can summarise the concept using three fundamental points: Production exclusively carried out in Italy, Full integration of the production processes and also that of the quality control which is carried out constantly throughout the whole production cycle.
Internally we have a team of designers which thanks to the know-how they have gained over the years and the constant research regarding styles are able to create and propose new, innovative and if necessary tailor made fabrics which cater for our customers every need. In order to protect our designs, in recent years we have decided to patent some of our best selling fabrics and we have also registered numerous designs.

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton is one of the most versatile fibers that exists and can be used from season to season whether the temperatures are hot or cold, it is an all year round fibre. Milior has been the leader in producing cotton fabrics for many years now and they offer only the very best cotton fabrics, whether it be rigid or stretch the quality of their cotton is second to none.


Technical Fabrics

Milior was one of the very first companies in the world to produce elasticated technical fabrics which have been used over the years to produce both sportswear and ready to wear garments.


Wool Fabrics

In our collections, one can view wool fibers of great importance and also noble fibers such as cashmere, alpaca and camel hair which are all of course prestigious wool fabrics.


Our Heritage

Our history has helped create our future. The past allows us to reinterpret some fundamental traditions and over the years has permitted us to link the past to the present when designing new fabrics making our them that little bit more special and unique.