Milior was founded in 1895 thanks to Oreste Miliotti who decided to develop and invest in his ideas, and still today Milior plays a huge part in the textile industry in a small industrial city in Tuscany called Prato. They have grown constantly over the years and have never stopped believing in what they do, welcoming growth and development in order to move forward with the times in all areas, above all concerning their fabrics and the technology used to produce their fabrics. This growth and development has allowed them to become one of the very best companies at creating, developing, controlling and producing fabrics in the Prato district. Their dedication and hard work has in fact paid off.
At the beginning of the 1970s they were one of the first companies to introduce elasticated fabrics, also known as stretch fabric.
This fabric later became the most popular fabric which they managed to sell to all of their client base. Around the same time they also dressed the Italian National Ski Team also known as the "Valanga Azzura".
This later allowed them to modify a material which was originally considered a technical fabric used only for sportswear to new fashion needs on the market.

Tessuti stretch

We can in fact most definitely say that the "minimal look" started with the launch of Milior's stretch fabric. Even though this new fabric had been extremely successful, they never once stopped researching and developing new fabrics to keep their collections innovative. They have always followed fashion trends closely and they try to remain one step ahead of the rest. It is most likely for this very reason that at the beginning of the year 2000, they started a vast collection of wool fabrics both woven and knitted, which immediately caught the attention of the market and allowed them to win over the majority of the market sector.

The next and actual phase was of course that of sustainability. In order to achieve a sustainable environment political guidelines needed to be closely followed to help preserve the environment and to allow them to employ a circular economy. For this very reason Milior decided to create a wide range of "green fabrics" which are of course eco-friendly, traceable products that are produced using recycled fibres and that are above all certified. All procedures are of course carried out with a great deal of care, paying great attention to detail regarding the safety in the work place, human resources guidelines and other essential values which are part of Milior's philosophy.

Tessuti ecosostenibili